When doing orienteering at Wainui camp it was hard when orientating the map because when orientating the map you always had to make sure it was the right way. I wonder if i knew how to use a map my team could’ve one.
I was disappointed because when in archery i was so close of hitting the apple. I was sade, i did get a ball zie. I wonder next time I should try the bigger bow and that might help me get the apple.
When I did the tightrope I got to the end and back to the middle. I was happy about doing the tightrope. I could of gone up a level. I wonder next time I can move up a level. 
Overall I could've put all my effort into all of the activities because I should have put all of my effort into it. At the end I felt happy because I achieved my goal...

Science journal

Week 3: balloon rocket experiment Distance. It went 4 metres because we used fishing wire. Sound. It sounded like it was farting. Movement. It went around in circles. Shape. It looked like a egg. My inference was it went better than last time because we used fishing wire. Then we put paper on the balloon and and this is my results. With paper it went 2 metres because the air was pushing against the air so it went slower.


Science journal Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.  Today we made slime and we poured it over Mr Anderson's head. I placed myself at multistructural for engaging in science with the slime because I got involved but I made a few mistakes. We made it runny because it would be good if it went all over Mr Anderson’s head and it will be all gooey.
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment  Distance. It went no where because the string was not good.  Movement. It went around in circles. Sound. It sounded like an aeroplane.  Shape. It looked like a rugby ball. My inference was that the string wasn't good so I wonder if you use fishing wire, will it go better?


At the start of the term I was uni structuctural and now I am relational because I help people if hurt, if I make a mess I'll tidy it up, if I did it I will own up. I do playground leader so little kids can join in with me and people who are lonely can to.
I am now relational because if I start am game I will finish it even if it's boring and if my friends won't me to play with them. If I start it I will finish it. If I make a mistake I will learn from it.
My inquiry project is canteen and Lily,Tyler and I have being working on it for the past two weeks and we are done it now. Overall I feel proud because my goal was to finish  the canteen and I have achieved my goal... 

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen.                                                A responsible citizen is someone who helps people and who looks up to people. If we didn't look after each other we would be in a bad place and we all need to be looked after.
If we didn't there would be punching everywhere so we are all special and we need to be looked after like everyone else. We would want to be looked after by family and friends. If we did not do that the world would be in a bad place.
If we were in danger from other humans we would be hiding like we're in a game of hide and seek. We would be shooting, punching and blowing things up. But today we have a non violent town.
I always see Lily being responsible for picking up rubbish and helping others if hurt. Over all you need to be a good responsible citizen to our community by picking rubbish up and helping others.  I can use several strategies and i can be a responsible citizen in our  community and I know wh…

I am a Lamborghini

I am a Lamborghini,
spreading my mind.

I am a skyscraper,
pushing up over the clouds.

I am a cat,
roaming the park looking for food.

I am a banana, calling Donald Trump.

I am a hotdog, getting covered by hot sauce.

I am shoes, getting worn by my mum.

Ko Jye ahau.

Touch rugby

It's a foggy afternoon and we are about to play touch rugby. I can't wait. We're on. I'm getting stuck into it as I pump my legs, running,getting muddy and passing the ball. It's halftime and I'm sitting listening to the coach. We are back on the field and I'm enjoying it. Sticking my legs into gear. Side stepping and all that stuff. The games finish but I still like it even if it's a late night...