Vortex wings

Week 7: Lily and I made 3 vortex wings. It has thrust, weight, lift and drag. It flew 2 metres when thrown from the playground. I wonder what would happen if you made more vortex wings and put them altogether? Would this make it go further? My learning for gathering data is multistructural because I know lots about flight. My learning for inferences is relational because I have heaps of ideas about it.

Paper helicopter

Week 6:                      paper helicopter.
This week we started our flight rotations. We built a paper helicopter. We used a tutorial on how to build it. My friend Tyler and lily also made me a paper helicopter. 
It went ok because I had a race and i dropped them to see whose would spin the longest. Lily won the competition.
When you drop it, it twirls around and around in circles and it's really cool to watch. I think it was twirling because of the force weight. 
I wonder if i made it from cardboard, whether it would go down quicker because it is heavier. 
I am multi-structure because i know how to  and inference and a gathering data. I know a lot about flight and i know the four forces. They are weight, drag, lift, and thrust.

Cheeky writing

Having a sleepover
It's the first time I'm having a sleepover with Riley and it's the first sleepover in my whole entire life. When we rush to bed, Riley is already half asleep. About 30 minutes later… it is dark. Everyone is asleep and I'm awake. It’s like everyone has ditched the house… I'm shivering deep inside like someone’s trying to murder us. Everywhere I look, it's pitch black. I feel a silky blanket around me. The house is making weird noises. It’s like world war 2. I can't see. I'm trying to make my way to the toilets. I try to open the door. It's jammed. Whhhhy? I find out what it was. It was the air bed. I'm so dumb, How did I not know that? The journey to the toilets. Boooo. I'm going through the hallway. I find a door.  What's in there? Should I go in or not? I say mmm, ok. The door screeches. Thank goodness, I’ve found it. Let’s get back to sleep. 
_____ I was learning where to put my question marks and my commas and I di…


Week 4:  This week we used the trebuchet. When we used the lighter ball it went lower but further. The heavier ball went higher and not so far than the lighter ball. The counterweight goes down and the throwing arm goes up. Then the sling with the ball flings up and then the ball goes. The counterweight is a box that you put things in and the more heavier the things are the further the ball will go. The throwing arm is the arm, when you pull the string out the counterweight will go down and the sling with the ball will go up. Then the ball goes flying. 
I wonder if you can make the counterweight bigger and the frame + the arm bigger. That might make the ball go further.
My data gathering is multistructural because I'm not confident about the accuracy and reliability of my observations.  My inferences are multistructural. I'm not as confident about the logic of my inferences.


When doing orienteering at Wainui camp it was hard when orientating the map because when orientating the map you always had to make sure it was the right way. I wonder if i knew how to use a map my team could’ve one.
I was disappointed because when in archery i was so close of hitting the apple. I was sade, i did get a ball zie. I wonder next time I should try the bigger bow and that might help me get the apple.
When I did the tightrope I got to the end and back to the middle. I was happy about doing the tightrope. I could of gone up a level. I wonder next time I can move up a level. 
Overall I could've put all my effort into all of the activities because I should have put all of my effort into it. At the end I felt happy because I achieved my goal...

Science journal

Week 3: balloon rocket experiment Distance. It went 4 metres because we used fishing wire. Sound. It sounded like it was farting. Movement. It went around in circles. Shape. It looked like a egg. My inference was it went better than last time because we used fishing wire. Then we put paper on the balloon and and this is my results. With paper it went 2 metres because the air was pushing against the air so it went slower.


Science journal Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.  Today we made slime and we poured it over Mr Anderson's head. I placed myself at multistructural for engaging in science with the slime because I got involved but I made a few mistakes. We made it runny because it would be good if it went all over Mr Anderson’s head and it will be all gooey.
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment  Distance. It went no where because the string was not good.  Movement. It went around in circles. Sound. It sounded like an aeroplane.  Shape. It looked like a rugby ball. My inference was that the string wasn't good so I wonder if you use fishing wire, will it go better?